Handling, Transport & Storage

Why Bio-/Methanol

Handling, Transport & Storage.

Why Bio-/Methanol

Compared to other fuel cell technologies, e.g. polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEMFC), which require pure hydrogen as an energy carrier, the simple logistics and handling of liquid methanol as well as the higher energy density compared to gaseous hydrogen is a significant advantage for permanent, independent operation.

Vorteile im Überblick

Easy handling

Lower procurement and logistics costs

No infrastructure measures necessary

Fast and secure availability

Methanol produced in a C02-neutral manner is thus a real alternative to green hydrogen in compressed gas cylinders. Energy density in comparison:

Energy sourceEnergy density in MJ per liter
Methanol (liquid)15,9
Hydrogen (gas) @ 700 bar4,7 (ca. 3,4 incl. Tank)
Hydrogen (gas) @ 350 bar2,7 (ca. 2 inkl. Tank)


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