Locations without infrastructure


Locations without infrastructure

HYREF's off-grid and environmentally friendly fuel cell for a continuous, independent and adaptable energy supply. With operating cycles of over 10,000 hours and scalability from 2.5 - 50kW, HYREF's methanol fuel cells can be used in many applications without supply or environmental limitations. HYREF's methanol fuel cells do not rely on existing infrastructure such as natural gas networks or hydrogen pipelines. With the long running hours, they perform far better than existing backup systems that can only produce energy for a limited period of time (up to 72 hours).

These aspects help customers in remote locations that require smaller and infrastructure-independent designs as well as continuous power supply. Until now, many organizations have relied on diesel generators, but they have proven to be high-maintenance in continuous operation, require frequent fuel refills and pose the risk of extended downtimes. In addition to high emissions, existing generators have limited use in protected areas due to high noise and vibration levels.

This is where HYREF offers smart fuel cell technology solutions that are off-grid yet environmentally friendly, providing continuous power generation to support customers in remote locations. The company's solution is independent of infrastructural as well as climatic conditions and - free from noise and vibration - is suitable for use in any environment. It offers sustainable economic benefits and savings.


Infrastructure independent implementation for short term or extended use in remote villages to provide e.g. water supply. Systems are scalable 2.5 -50kW and can provide electrical as well as thermal energy for a variety of applications.


Noise & vibration free integrated in a container or building for permanent electrical and thermal power supply. Low energy costs and high efficiency provide for low operating costs.


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