Decentralized energy for a clean future.


Decentralized energy for a clean future.

HYREF's methanol fuel cell technology combines the reliability of a fuel cell with the advantages of a liquid and globally available energy source. The HYREF fuel cell has many advantages over other technologies used in similar applications today. HYREF's methanol fuel cell technology is virtually silent compared to diesel-powered generators and has only a fraction of the emissions. Using BIO-methanol it is environmentally friendly. Compared to the use of batteries, HYREF's methanol fuel cell has a much longer operating time, which can be tailored to the user's individual needs as desired.

Advantages of a HYREF Fuel Cell

Noise & vibration free

Simple system design & scalable 5-50kW

High efficiency

Environmentally friendly through use of Bio-Methanol

Low energy & maintenance costs

High long-term operating stability – systems tested over 20,000 hours

No supply or environmental limitations (e.g. in class 1 environmental protection areas)

Infrastructure-independent implementation (ad hoc, no construction measures required)

With proven 20,000 hours of operation in a lifetime test (25,000 hours), HYREF's direct methanol fuel cell system represents a milestone for the commercialization of fuel cells as a durable and independent power source!

The successfully completed operating hours correspond to the life cycle of many applications (e.g. a vehicle in the material handling sector) and exceed the life cycles offered on the market today. A long service life with low maintenance and refueling intervals combined with easy and flexible handling are important criteria that make HYREF fuel cells unique.

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